Chiara Pavan Studio is a label by the designer Chiara Pavan focusing on designs for Accessories and Artefacts. This collection was inspired by artefacts, arising from a study of the distortion of the senses. Which derives from a self-deception, manifested in human life with the most unusual landscapes. The project is a study of the objects involved in the ritual of cure, starting from the observation of electrocution in medical field, touching the aesthetic of the tools used to cure mental conditions. The Artefact pieces are entirely made by hand, the Wood became a material used as decorative function, underlining its beauty, grain and essence, she mainly used Pear Wood and Ebony Wood. The structural and mechanical parts are made in metal, to be specific: brass, that has been silverplated. Leather is the main material in her collection, enriched by the technique of the Sadlle stitch.

Editorial Featuring Chiara Pavan Studio 

The collaboration between Rebecca and Chiara complemented one another' design aesthetic and sources of inspiration were a direct link between both of there lines. 

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